Amazon announces new Fire HD 10 tablet with USB-C and stronger chipset

The top model series from Amazon’s Fire lineup, Fire HD 10, has recently received a 2019 update with the same appearance design, but with more hardware. According to the Amazon announcement, of course, the latest version of Fire HD 10 retains the same 10.1-inch display as the previous generation, with a new chip, more battery life, and it also has a slot for charging using USB Type-C charger.

Furthermore, Amazon has also said that Fire HD 10 (2019) can run up to 30% faster with the new chip and hold up to 20% longer battery life compared to the previous generation that it’s a lot of updates. On the other hand, its Wi-Fi network has also been upgraded, and the microSD card slot has been expanded to 512GB, up from 200GB. Also, it is great that Amazon has chosen the next-generation USB Type-C for the tablet, allowing for faster-Charging speed.

On the other hand, the latest version of the operating system on the Fire HD 10, and it’s not different at all, and it remains using Android with Amazon’s simplification. Moreover, we have found the Fire HD 10 Kids Edition tablet, especially for children, as well as a protective case outside, similar to the previous Fire HD 7 Kids Edition, to protect against falls and upgrades making it easier to use as well as control.

In conclusion, this new model series Fire HD 10 (2019) has lots more new color options, such as bright blue, brown and white, with the previous standard only being black and the latest version having a front panel and, white had never seen it before. Even though there are the recent updates, Amazon has not upgraded either, with the new Fire HD 10 priced at $ 149 the same as the previous model, or the $ 199 price tag for the Kids Edition, with neither of these two is available from its launching on October 30th, fans can pre-order on Amazon from today on.