How To Get Free Skins In Fortnite

Hello and welcome to EZfuture! This is the only place on the entire web where you get any skins in Fortnite for free! We have so many skins you can choose from.

Here is the list of popular skins on this site and you can get if for free!

Ace: skin is the newest and the best skins that look beautify and powerful character

Battle Hound: this skin is easy to recognize because it has a signature helmet and glowing eyes.

Black Knight: unfortunately, this legendary outfit can no longer be obtained.  It remains to be seen if it will eventually be sold through the item shop.

Brite Bomber: This skin may seem attractive basic in comparison to some of the others

Cricuit Breaker: this skin is what you get when you mix classic western cowboy with a futuristic hacker style.

Crackshot: If you want to sneak other players out then this is the best skin to do it with.

Crackabella: If you’re looking for a female nutcracker, here is the best skin you should choose

Galaxy: is one of the most sought-after and controversial skins ever, and for good reason.

Ghoul Trooper and Skull Trooper: are best skins for players who want to look like the undead, Ghoul Trooper, and Skull Trooper

Ice King: the most elusive reward is the Ice King skin, only available for players who reach the coveted Tier 100 in this season’s Battle Pass.

Lynx: not only looks like a female character of the Omega skin in its black formfitting equipment but also has several other colors to choose from.

Love Ranger: is a cool spin on the mythical god, Cupid. You can prance around the map as a winged statue with combat boots and instead of helping players fall in love, you’ll be taking them down on your quest to be number one.

Omega: full covering set for Omega requires you to achieve a series of challenges that unlock upgrades for the suit.

Raptor: unique colorway and pilot theme make it a highly sought after Fortnite skin.

Raven: has collar and frills of the shirt match the dark feathers of a raven while the hood obscures the face and two bright eyes peer out from underneath.

Reaper: this tall man clothed in all black as if he’s some kind of hidden agent is a reference to Keanu Reeves’ character in John Wick.

Red Knight: Similar in style to the Black Knight, this skin dons jet black armor and chainmail with a helmet that shields a pair of small glowing eyes.

Tomato Head: skin lets players dress up as the mascot of Uncle Pete’s pizza from Tomato Town and, well, it’s pretty great.

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