OnePlus releases Auto Translation feature for video chat on Android 10

In the present time, social media has many benefits for entertainment, education and other topics such as communication and many other good purposes and actually, more advanced technologies that communicate from person to person without having to meet face-to-face by just using social networks on their smart devices such as phones, tablets, computers, etc. and they can do the thing is. With this in mind, OnePlus has now released an automated translation feature in video calls to make communication even easier than ever before.

In reality, during the time that OnePlus announced the top-of-the-line handset at the end of the year, the 7T Pro also took the opportunity to show off an updated version of the OS, as well as a slim face, in other words, it’s Android 10. Covered by Oxygen OS 10.0.  of course, The above company also introduced an Auto Translate feature, but this feature is only available on video chat. Its role is unknown because we have already seen the name and it also has a subtitle translation when we are calling a video with someone and it may be on OnePlus is coming soon as well.

Totally, this new translator will be available on OnePlus soon, but it’s only available for Android 10 and Oxygen OS 10.0 smartphones, and we are not sure whether or not we just have to keep looking for it as well. Therefore, we can say that this is a good function because it helps to make communication as easy as possible, even faster and easier.