The Huawei Mate X is an Untouchable Foldable Phone

Huawei mate x

We’ve just taken a look at Huawei’s Mate X. It’s first foldable phone, a competitor to Samsungs Galaxy Fold and its one of the most exciting devices were gonna see this show. I do say see because none of us got a chance to touch it, so let’s have a look at it, and I’ll tell you what we know about it so far.

So the big difference between the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold is pretty obvious, the Galaxy Fold folds inwards, the screen is on the inside, whereas with the Mate X it wraps around the outside of the device. When you have the screen on the inside, you have to be aware of it freezing, so you do have to have a radius on the inside of the hinge.

Huawei Foldable Review

Now when the screen is on the outside, that radius is already integrated into it so the actual device can pretty much fold flat, and that’s what the Mate X does. But in terms of holding it in your hand, when the person was demoing it, it just looks much more natural, it looks also a more robust and durable device. Huawei’s demo person, he held it pretty much within reach of myself so I could see it up close, he handled it super casually, it wasn’t like one of those super fragile prototypes where you’re tenderly opening and closing it.

It almost feels like an expanded smartphone. You really stretched out a smartphone, and then you decided, you know what, well just fold it. Hopefully, at some point during the MWC somebody will let me touch it, so I can speak about how it feels, and whether it’s as light as it looks. And that’s the other thing with the Mate X, it’s super thin.

Its got 5.4 millimeters of thickness across most of the device, and then it has a little bump which I consider pretty much a grip, which makes it 11 millimeters. And that grip also integrates with the cameras, it has a USB C charging port, which also brings to mind, there’s no headphone jack. As far as I’ve seen, no headphone jack. It matches the Galaxy Fold, what can we do, the future has no headphone jacks in it apparently. Anyway, that’s not the important thing, the important thing is how the thing functions.

Pretty much a regular smartphone on the main display, and then you have a 6.4 inch really tall display on the back because that’s sitting right next to the grip with the camera stuff. Then you have the rear one which helps you with taking selfies with the main camera if you wanna take a photo of somebody and you want them to take the photo.

main display

You have screen mirroring. It’s an eight by 7.1 aspect ratio. I don’t know why Huawei couldn’t just make it a little bit wider and give us a perfect square, that would have been just the magical Instagram device. So Huawei‘s keeping quite a few of the specs under wraps for now, but I’ll tell you what we do know. Firstly the processor is the Kirin 980, and there’s also a 5G modem in there, the Belong 5000, I love that name.

Both of them are built on seven-nanometer process, so it’s about as advanced as Huawei can give you, both of them are from Huawei itself. There’s also 4500 milliamp-hour battery in there. That means 85% charge in 30 minutes. No wireless charging that I know of, but you know by that point we’re really talking wishlist items.

In terms of practicalities there a fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button on the side. So this is our first, very fleeting, very complete look,at a Huawei Mate X.What I will say is that,having handled the Royal Flexpai at CES,having seen as much as you can see of the Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier this week,and now having come close to the Huawei Mate X, I think this is by far the most complete concept. It’s not even a concept anymore, it really seems like a retail product, something that’s ready to go on shelves, and be put into peoples hands, you know.

Huawei is going to have to figure out the software. It’s doing some side-by-side multitasking with apps. It needs to figure out how to make the screens turn on and off when you want to use just the smartphone section, just the tablet section, etc.

So there are still so many questions with it, but I do feel like, this is the closest we’ve come to producing a foldable device that is really just ready to go on sale, and for people to use, and to actually enjoy using.

I do adverts. For more news, gadgets, smartphones, 5G, cameras, etc. coming out of Mobile World Congress, stay tuned to and Can’t promise you that all of it will be as exciting as the Mate X, but well try and get our hands on this thing and bring it to you.

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